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Web Re-Design Services

Web Re-Design Services

When you begin to prepare for your web site, keep in mind that most people will come to your site for information and some time communication gap between the developers and clients will results a web site, which will be of no use to clients.

A web site needs continuous enhancements and improvements for various reasons and at this point there is need for the web site redesign but before re design your web site, you have to ask few questions honestly to yourself.

Qestions to ask yourself before web re design:

Is your existing web site fresh?

Fresh and up to date information on web site compels your visitors to visit your web site every day and bring great amount of traffic to your web site. Thus, a web site needs to be a fresh and up to date with latest information.

Is it compatible with all the web browsers?

Numbers of web sites on the Internet are not compatible with different browsers that are commonly used by the visitors. Thus, a web site should be compactable with the various common browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape Navigator etc.

Is it having a professional look and feel?

Your web site should have professional look and feel which means uniform color sense, use of proper CSS, placement of images, graphics, animation, proper tag use, title description, meta tags etc which gives an professional appeal to a web site and strong appeal to visitor.

Is it Search Engine friendly?

Search Engine friendliness is must in today's Internet scenario if you really want to stand in the competition, your web site content richness, implementation of search engine optimization techniques to various web pages with various meta tag and relevant keyword richness enable your web site to score good on engine parameters from where potential customer would come to you.

Is it user friendly?

Another important question does your web site provide an ease to the visitor for looking information he/she is interested, does your website navigation pattern, proper placement of images graphics or animation is easy enough that a visitor is hooked to it. Thus, one of web site success key factor is user friendliness.

Is it giving you business?

Yeah!!! This is the question around which entire story of online business revolve, does your web site gives you business. If not! Then you have to think why and you have to start from the scratch to understand the basics and identity the loopholes, so that you can make efforts to rectify it and make your web site a success story.

Answering honestly the above few questions if you score less than 30 to 20 % on scale of 10, then we recommend you redesigning of web site strongly.

Redesigning a website is not a costly affair, but can be a highly effective way of enhancing your corporate identity and increasing you business sales.

Web site re-design process

Analysis of Existing web site

First and the foremost step in the process of web site redesign, get the professional opinion on your current web site and analyze the inputs, so that analysis report provide an base for the redesign of your new web site.

Analysis of Competitors web sites

Put your heads together to search and analyze the strengths and weakness of the competitor web site.

Target Audience Research

After analysis of the competitors web site, search for your target audience for which your web site.

Content writing for new web site

Most important step in today's search engine scenario, good content of the web site is a key for success, get assistance for professional content writer, who will write content with reference to your products and services in a way that content will cover audience of all age group and various business domains.

Professional look and feel

Web site themes, color sense, look and feel, selection of images, animation or graphics have to proper keeping various pixel resolutions in mind.

Web site Navigation and interaction pattern

Choose navigation pattern in such a way that a visitor can navigate the entire web site form an single web page, reduce number of pop ups as much as possible.

Use of optimize images, graphics and animation

Images, animation and graphics should be optimized for fast download on limited bandwidth.

Browser compatibility

Make your web site different browser compatible by following the various standard provides by W3C

Search Engine Friendliness

Use of good and relevant content with proper use of key word description, meta tags, alt tags description and search engine constraints make possible to deliver a web site which is search engine friendly and facilitates in achieving top position in leading search engines to derive maximum traffic to your web site.

Analyzing web stats

When web site is redesigned keeping various above-explained factors in to considerations and uploaded on Internet, check web stats of the web site on regular bases using control panel.

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