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eCommerce Development Services

eCommerce Development Services

e-commerce can be defined as "conducting of all the business transactions and communications on the internet". To simplify further, it is buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. Thus, seller and buyers can interchange inquiries, orders, invoices, transfer of funds etc. directly over the internet.

e-commerce is an ensemble of technologies that make possible the online access to services via the Internet and it follows a thin client model, in which multiple services are packaged and presented to a given user to meet their specific requirements. It facilitates technologies and core infrastructure components, for majority of the needs, be defined and implemented independently of tangible business requirements.

Benefits of e-commerce

No Geographical Barrier
ecommerce facilitate people to carry out their business without any geographical barrier because all the business transaction of buying and selling has to be done over the internet which implies no geographical barrier.

Time Flexibility
Availability of your business over internet is 24X7 and 365 days, one can logon to the internet at any time during day or night for doing business transactions, such scenario provide time flexibility to buyer as well to seller.

Extend Business to unlimited Market Place
The internet facilitate business owners to reach customers around the globe without any market place constraints and with effective use of ecommerce, your product can be shown to the global customer who has the opportunity to browse your products or services irrespective of your market physical location and shop at their own convenience from office, home or cyber café etc with time flexibility.

Lower operational cost
The Internet facilitate ecommerce web sites owner to reduce product approval time, labor cost, delivery time and reduction in financial constraints for error detection and correction, document preparation, reconciliation, data entry, supervision, cold calling etc. Thus this reduction in overall business factors result in reduction of personnel required to complete the various business processes and reduces strain on other resources, which facilitate the business owner in lowering the overall operational cost.

Collaborative Working
ecommerce facilitate the various business partners, customers from different geographical locations and suppliers to work in a collaborative manner in order to manage, allocate and improve project work without any geographical location barriers.

Ease in Business Administration
ecommerce facilitate in automation of the total business functionalities like inventory management, payment management, logistics management, customer care management etc. ecommerce web site owner just have to administrator the entire modules of the developed system through internet and update the latest information which will be up and running with few seconds. Thus, the concept of ecommerce facilitates ease in business administration.

Fast Approval of work
With the help of ecommerce the whole process of the work approval will become faster because work like quotation generation, purchase order, covering letter etc are quickly designed using various tools and delivered through email for approval.

Secured Payment systems
Business Payment transactions are secured in ecommerce using various advanced techniques like encryption etc that helps business owner or customers to do payment transactions online with out any worries.

Process of ecommerce:
From the above explanation we came to know about ecommerce and its benefits. Now, in order to implement ecommerce to our business we have to take care of few other concepts of ecommerce, which helps us to convert business to ebusiness.

Following are few common steps to form ecommerce website:

Domain Name Registration and Web hosting
First and the foremost step book a domain name for your online business and book your cyber space, for information click here.

Creating Catalogue
Display products with images, description, price, product code etc.

Integrating Shopping Basket
Once product catalogue is ready, integrate the shopping basket functionality with administration to the catalogue.

Integrating Online Payment Gateway
After integrating shopping basket functionality, payment gate integration process is followed to provide the functionality of online secure payment.

Order Tracking
This module is integrated with the entire system for tracing orders overall status. Apart from these few necessary and sufficient above steps, there are no of other specific functionalities are integrated depending upon the clients individual requirements.

We offers complete range of ecommerce based solutions developed using the latest cutting edge technologies like J2EE, .NET, PHP with MS SQL or Oracle Database to its client's world wide through our network of channel partners.

Our ecommerce Solutions include applications and services for retailers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and service companies, doing business domestically or in multiple countries.

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